IronOaks Breakers Pool League season 5 results and more

David “The Godfather” Mork

We have reached a milestone in our league, as we now are part of the internet of things. We have launched our own website at This new website provides great content, photos of past championships, information on the league, and a contact tab to request information, and we will be listed in the upcoming Sun Lakes Source Book under Sports which will be coming out in October 2016. Please click on the website, and review our League activities, and in the spirit of the upcoming elections, check it out early and often!

We have now completed Season Five of Six seasonal tournaments. Season Five results are Rack 1, 8-Ball: 1st Bill “The Assassin” Lange (a perfect score as he was undefeated); 2nd John McHugh; 3rd Willie “The Wizard” Foster; Rack 2, 8-Ball: 1st Bill O’Donnell; 2nd “Fast Eddie” Allen; 3rd Randy “Coach” Bryan; Rack 1, 9-Ball: 1st Bill “The Assassin” Lange, (who had a no loss/all win/perfect Rack); 2nd Brian “The Geek” Kretschman, 3rd Randy Oliver; Rack 2, 9-Ball: 1st David “The Godfather” Mork; 2nd “Fast Eddie” Allen; 3rd John McHugh.

Each seasonal tournament is part of the qualifying for the fifth annual League Championships in 8 and 9-Ball. League members play matches during the year, in six mini-tournaments, with the resulting first, second and third place winners being automatically entered into the brackets for the double elimination league championship format. Each winner is seeded based on the wins and losses, and in the Rack levels.

In September 2016, we added our 53rd member to the league and he hopes to play in Season Six so he can be qualified for the league championship in 9-Ball, as he feels that the game of 9-Ball is more exciting than the game of 8-Ball, which many in the pool halls of the world will agree with: the game can be over quickly or if a players uses defense as a strategy, the game/match will take longer for a winner to be decided. In Season Five, 9-Ball, “The Godfather” was lucky enough to have a combination shot in the first turn of game 11 of the 13 game match, striking the one ball into the nine ball, for the win on the first shot of the game! It was over before my opponent had settled in the chair after his “dry break”!

Plans are now finalized for the fifth annual Bracket Release Party at the Poolside Café, on November 6. All members of the league and their significant others are invited to participate in this event for release of the matchups, dates, times and table assignments. If you are an HOA No. 3 member and you would like more information about joining the league, check out our website and click on the Contact tab, at or contact fellow Tournament Director and Board member Willie Foster at [email protected]

Now, let’s play pool!