IronOaks Breakers post pool league statistics

David “the Godfather” Mork

The IronOaks Breakers Pool League has completed the third year of league play this past November. When the league began with just a few members in the beginning of the first year of play, it was hoped that the league would grow; now it has grown to 47 members as of the close of this past league year. The members truly enjoy playing pool, as evidenced by the statistics that are kept tracking wins and losses the league members play in league matches and the attendance at the six weekly sessions (two each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). The recent year end tally of all games played was in excess of 28,000 games.

While this seems like a lot of pool being played in 8 and 9-Ball, it is about 700 games per year, per member, on average. On the other hand, a golfer who plays 18 holes three times a week, on average, during the year will play over 2,800 holes, so in perspective, the game of pool will take substantially less time and less wear and tear on the body and pocketbook. A typical match in an 8-Ball league play will take about 1.5 hours, and playing once a day in the three times weekly play, is about 4.5 hours, or the time it takes to play one 18 hole round. And in the pool hall, there is no 19th hole to attend and consume another 1.5 hours of your time. Also, consider the cost of the annual golf membership for the year, about $2,400, not including balls, shoes and clubs, compared to the annual $20 dues and the $1.75 per session. The match players split the $1 winnings per round of the six rounds played in the weekly sessions, and you could leave with more than you arrived! Most members have a container of quarters and after the initial $10, they have yet to refill the container. You can draw your own conclusions as to which activity costs less, teaches more, takes less time, and yet lets you be with players of similar skill set, playing ability and like interests. As they say in the business world, statistics are very useful. League membership is limited to HOA No. 3 members only. Learn more about joining the league below.

Many league members had an experience where they played pool in their former lives before retiring;: in the military, in college, or as some of our members did, they played pool (or should I say they hustled pool) to pay for their college educations! Many of our members seem to find the time to play a weekly round or two of golf, and still play in the three times weekly sessions and the six mini-tournaments. Information on our league can be provided by contacting David Mork by email at [email protected]; or Willie Foster by email at [email protected] Become a member now and you may be able to play in our second seasonal tournament beginning January 2015.