IronOaks Ladies Pool Club—A True Story to Consider

Judy Wolthausen

It’s normal to feel a little less grounded when you move to a new area. Most of us left our best friends, our homes of many years, our connections to clubs and organizations that interested us, our neighbors, our churches, and everything we had worked hard on to reach a comfortable state. Then we gave all that up to move to Sun Lakes. For some of us, the climate was the attraction. Others were told by their doctors to find a new home with less humidity, or less black ice to slip on, or less snow to shovel, or less to affect our allergies or maladies.

So, if you’ll permit me, I’ll tell you about my experience with joining this club. First, I hadn’t played in many years and couldn’t remember the rules to the different types of games. I only had a few friends here and was in the middle of recovering from my house flooding, by redesigning, rebuilding, and buying new furniture for the inside of my home. I attended the Open House in the Oakwood Country Club ballroom and signed up after asking a few questions. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I showed up the following Tuesday morning at 9:15 in the Billiards Room in that same building.

I’ll admit I wondered if I’d embarrass myself. Immediately, I was warmly greeted by the group, and I just joined in. All levels of ability were present and valued. Everyone was so warm and friendly. It didn’t take long to feel at ease, my pool skills magically returned, and then I started to get to know everyone better. I hadn’t realized how much I needed more socialization and fun in my life, new girlfriends to do things with and to ask for repair contacts and doctor suggestions. In no time, I felt more comfortable with the move and more connected and happy to have a better network of friends. Where else can you do this just by spending one hour and 45 minutes a week? To join, you must live in Oakwood, Sun Lakes Country Club, Palo Verde, Cottonwood, or Ironwood and be able to stay through 11 a.m.

So, what do you have to lose? Drop on by at 9:15 a.m. on Tuesdays and check us out. I’m sure you will really be happy you did. Feel free to call me at 630-728-5937 for more information.