IronOaks Tennis Clubs Crowns Mixed Doubles Champs

Division 4.0 winners Craig Twitchell and Barb Jorgensen

Division 3.5/1 winners Melisa Emery and Denny Schulstad

Division 3.5/1 winners Diane James and Jerry Geiszler

Twelve teams recently competed in three divisions to claim the title of IOTC 2022 Mixed Doubles champs. The competition was very intense, with many matches decided by tie-breakers.

The winners were as follows:

Division 4.0:

First place: Barb Jorgensen and Craig Twitchell

Second place: Cathy Coin and Bob Lynne

Division 3.5/1:

First place: Diane James and Jerry Geiszler

Second place: Lois Newman and Wayne Newman

Division 3.5/2:

First place: Melissa Emery and Denny Schulstad

Second place: Edith Tanniru and Dave Rokusek

Thanks to organizers Lois Newman, Sharon Feltus, and Doug Swanson and to all participants.