IronOaks Tennis Tip

During play, one may or may not know that they are doing the following: 1) touching the ball ever so slightly and not letting your opponents know, 2) during close net play, you accidentally make contact with the net or reached over the net during ball contact, and 3) the most common unconscious performance is the server creating a Foot Fault where the server’s foot is touching the court during the serving motion. All players stand close to the baseline when serving, but we are not looking at our feet, because our head is up looking to strike the ball over our head. Many will tend to “foot fault” due to chasing a ball toss that’s a bit too far in front or standing close to the baseline and serving hard, which will put your body in motion and propel you forward into the court. One must make the adjustment of standing a tad farther back to prevent this matter from happening. On the receiving side, both players can warn the server of their displaying a foot fault and not to display anger/disapproval from being warned, but simply acknowledge and make the adjustment, and be aware of your action from this so “life goes on.”