Ironwood Lady Niners

Pictured are our fabulous “Golfing Divas” of the Ironwood Lady Niners League. We celebrate their long-term commitment to the wonderful sport of golf. Way to go, ladies! (Photo by Rachel Enloe)

Maggie McLeod

As the temperatures are cooling down as we head into December and with no more worries of having to play “cart path only” golf, we look forward to the return of all our Northern friends and teammates back to the land of sunshine.

On Nov. 8 there was a general meeting at Grill on the Green before our golf tee-off at 10 a.m. Lots of information was discussed, including new members, the Hamilton School fundraiser, membership renewals, Medallion Tournament sign-ups, Holiday Luncheon, and the process for deleting an event request (canceling a Chelsea request).

The Ironwood Lady Niners (IWLN) officers for 2024 were elected as follows: President Shirley Moore, Vice President Rosanna Nania, Secretary Ginger Wilson, and Treasurer Rachel Enloe. Congratulations, ladies! Thank you for your commitment to our league.

New and returning members of our league are encouraged to turn in their money and 2024 membership application by Dec. 15.

The Medallion Tournament sign-up sheet is in the Computer Room, and we encourage anyone of any skill level to please sign up. It is a lot of fun, I hear!

Our annual Ironwood Lady Niners Holiday Party/Luncheon will be happening this year on Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 12:30 p.m. in the Oakwood ballroom after our game of golf. The cost is $23 for lunch, with Specialty Drink of the Day for $5. The deadline for depositing checks for $23 in the IWLN mailbox is Dec. 1.

Rule of golf: If there’s a storm rolling in, you’ll be having the game of your life.