Ironwood Lady Niners

Yes, this is a ladies' league, but "Eddie" comes every week. How else would we find our starting hole on the golf course? Thanks, Eddie!

Yes, this is a ladies’ league, but “Eddie” comes every week. How else would we find our starting hole on the golf course? Thanks, Eddie!

Suevonne Negaard

Still Zooming: The Ironwood Lady Niners (IWLN) continue to play tee time golf and enjoy beautiful weather, but are anxious to be able to return to shotgun golf and social events within our league.

March 3 was quite a day on the Ironwood golf course, as it was obvious the women had brought their best games per the following report:

Birdies: Linda Liberti, Judy Hedding, Denise Weibel, Mary Medved (2), Deb Burns

Chip-Ins: Colleen Duke, Laurel Stoimenoff, Mary Medved, Linda Liberti, Ann Gavin

KP Tie/#16: Two golfers tied for KP honors: Judy Hedding and Denise Weibel.

April 14 Golf, Spring Brunch, and Awards: Our final social event of the season will be the Spring Brunch, Golf, and Awards. Denise Weibel, Carol Knack, and a Bluestar Rep. are planning a CDC-approved box meal that ladies will eat at their leisure. A listing of the award winners will be printed in the May Splash.

Medallion: There are always some important news happenings for IWLN. The local Medallion Tournament to determine the Low Net and Low Gross winners is complete. On April 14, we will learn who will represent us at the 2021 State Medallion Tournament; date and location to be announced.

Board: President Judy continues to use the Zoom app to conduct board meetings. This works well when everyone gets an opportunity to speak!

New Website: Another piece of news is that member Deborah Greenwood has designed a beautiful new website for IWLN. It is fully operative (, and soon the original website will be closed. More techies Zooming.

Summer Schedule: It is difficult to believe that the summer schedule for IWLN is so close. It will begin May 13 with 6 a.m. tee times, with computer room sign up (no Chelsea) and no chits. We will return to the fall schedule in October, confident there will be no COVID, quarantines, or pandemics to mess up our plans. Take care and stay well.