Ironwood Lady Niners

Suevonne Negaard, Communications Chair

Santa has given away all of the gifts, the holiday season has passed, and Mrs. St. Nick has picked up her golf clubs so that she can return to the course with the 2022 Ironwood Lady Niners League. The membership chair reports that as of Jan. 1, there are 60 returning members, and there are 17 new members as listed: Lynette Beres, Jill Brindley, Pauline Corcoran, Beverly Grimes, Diane Halpern, Roberta Havey, Sharon Howard, Michelle Hudak, Melissa Kephart, Ila Kraayenbrink, Julie Little, Leeanna Mickelson, Fran Moncrieff, Robyn Moody, Joan Peschman, Jacque Smith, Diane Young.

A warm 2022 welcome to all Ironwood Lady Niners. The fall weather has been so beautiful that we played a lot of golf, and we had a holiday brunch, including the introduction of 2022 leadership positions. This included the changing of the gavel (“golf club”) from Judy Thompson, 2021 president, to Shirley Moore, 2022 president (club borrowed from Santa). Judy created a welcoming atmosphere, which we know President Shirley will continue. Thanks to Judy, 2021, and congratulations to Shirley, 2022.

Our leadership at all positions is outstanding—come and enjoy. You can join the Ironwood Lady Niners at any time by contacting Sally Dixon, chairperson of the Membership Committee, at 425-503-7844. She will be happy to guide you through the process, as there is a place for every golfer in the Ironwood Lady Niners.

My article this month sounds more like a commercial, but I’d like you to see it more as an invitation to join a group of almost 80 women who like golf, but even more, a good time.

Happy New Year and happy golfing!