Ironwood Lady Niners

The Ladies of the 2023 Ironwood Lady Niners (photo by Rachel Enloe)

Maggie McLeod

Here it is November already, with the temperatures getting cooler (thankfully) after the hot and brutal summer temps the full-time Sun Lakers endured this summer. As we slowly return to our sunny and warm winter homes, we look forward to getting back to our favorite pastime—golf—in our most fabulous Ladies League.

The league continued all throughout the summer, ending Sept. 20. Play, however, started at 7 a.m. to allow for slightly cooler temps. Kudos to all the ladies who braved this summer’s record-breaking heat.

The course was closed for overseeding until Oct. 15, after which it opened for “cart path only” until after Nov. 1, with a reverse shotgun at 9 a.m.

On Nov. 8 we will have our general meeting starting at 8:30 a.m., followed by our 10 a.m. shotgun. This day will have our Membership Drive occurring as well, where interested ladies wanting to join our league can partner with a member (added on the add/cancel line) to try a game. We encourage all golfers of all abilities wanting to join a fun, low-pressure league to come out and give us a try.

A Law of Golf: No matter how bad your last shot was, the worst is yet to come. The law does not expire on the 18th hole, since it has the supernatural tendency to extend over the course of a tournament, a summer, and perhaps a lifetime.