Ironwood Lady Niners Golf League… United We Play!

Beth Zdeblick and Vicki Mendenhall

All 93 members of IWLN would like to invite you to become part of our golfing community. Our season started Oct. 16 at 9 a.m. in a shotgun. After Oct. 30, we begin golfing at 12:30 p.m. We always encourage our golfers to stop in after their round at the Grill on the Green to have a drink, chat about their game, and enjoy the social aspect of a golf league.

Applications for new members are available at the Ironwood and Oakwood Pro Shop. Interested parties may also contact our membership chairperson, Janis Gustafson, at [email protected] The annual membership fee is $75. New members must have an established USGA handicap before they can play. In order to establish a handicap, players will need to provide five 9-hole attested score cards (played on any course during the past year). New members without an established USGA handicap need to attach their five attested score cards to their membership application form along with their check. A new member is eligible for play when their handicap is established and they have gone through the new member orientation.

Upcoming Dates: On Nov. 6, the IWLN will have a table at the Golf Expo at Oakwood Golf Course. The next general meeting is Nov. 13. This is also our membership drive.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! The Lady Niners would like to thank the many people who make this league fun, well organized, and special: Judy Thompson, our president, and the executive board and all the committees, and the golf staff of Eddie Renio, Kevin Marugame, and Ray Poiva. And, of course, we are thankful for all the special friendships made over the years in the course (no pun intended!) of playing with all the golfers that are part of Ironwood Lady Niners.