Ironwood Men’s Golf Association Newsletter

Although many brave souls have weathered the heat and played throughout the summer, some of us escaped to cooler climates and are returning to Sun Lakes to make new friends, renew old acquaintances, and take on the challenge of another season of that exciting, difficult, and humbling game which we call golf.

The Ironwood course is rated number 7 nationally in short courses by GolfNow and offers 5,100 yards of golf, winding through lush grounds with two water features, two par-5s, seven par-3s, and nine par-4s. It makes for a fast, rewarding round of golf for players of all skill levels.

Join us on Tuesdays as we continue our adventures! Here are the details (which can be found on our website,

Lloyd Schaffer, Treasurer

Registration for 2024 IMGA League play will begin on Oct. 1. If you are new to the league, you will be able to play for the remainder of 2023 for no extra charge! Annual membership is $100 for tournament members, $35 for “handicap only,” and $80 for joining after July 1. The AGA fee is $45, which is added on to the league fees. In order to be able to play in the first tournament in January, be sure to complete your registration by Dec. 24.

Dan Smith, Tournament Director

The Ironwood Golf holes have received a new ranking. More details to follow.

Dick Boscombe, Prize Chairman

The “no tie” policy has made the Prize Committee’s job a lot easier, thanks to Danny Smith’s computer expertise and assistance.

Dick Winkleman Retires

Dick has been the IMGA handicap and membership chairman for four years. We greatly appreciate all that he has done for IMGA and look forward to seeing him on the course! Thank you, Dick!

Golf Advisory Group

Ross Serold has graciously volunteered to be the IMGA representative on the IronOaks Golf Advisory Group. Thank you, Ross! Other members of the group include Mark Saylor, Judi Sloan, Jamie Smith, Steve Crowell, Steve Engler, Linda Thrash, Paula Ferguson, HOA Board President; BlueStar—John Reyhons, Eddy Renio, and Ross Buckendahl.

Doug Stodgel, Rules Chairman

Doug will be publishing summaries of various rules on a regular basis. You can find more detail on the IMGA website

Here is just one example: Rule 16.3 Embedded Ball

Ball must be embedded in General Area. The General Area is the area of the course that covers all the course EXCEPT for the other four defined areas: 1. Teeing ground, 2. All penalty areas, 3. All bunkers, and 4. The putting green of the hole the player is playing. The reference point is the spot in the general area right behind where the ball is embedded. The size of the Relief Area Measured from reference point is one club length to the right and left in a semicircle of the reference point. A ball must be dropped in and come to rest in the relief area.

May the course be with you!