Is healing for today?

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If you are grandparents to a child who has been diagnosed with a terrible disease, you would do anything to make sure that child has a chance at life.

Marfan Syndrome is a terrible genetic disorder. If you read about it, it will scare you to think that someone you know and love could possibly have this in their life and have to look forward to a disease that has no cure, may cause your activities to be restricted and could lead to early death.

That is the future that the grandchild of Michael and Judy Breclaw from Sun Lakes was facing. The Breclaw family are no strangers to problems, because they also have a daughter who is handicapped and know what trials can be faced.

Oasis of Grace was just at the end of a 50-day prayer emphasis when the Breclaws asked for prayer for their grandson. He would be visiting the doctor that week to hear the final diagnosis and what his life changes would be. The church had four days left of the 50 days, and they prayed hard for this young man. On Sunday morning, the 50th day, the people gathered around this child and prayed hard. One of the members who had her hand on his breastbone felt the movement in his chest. The pain level eased, and he began to breathe easier.

Following the doctor visit, the grandmother testified that there is nothing wrong with this young man anymore. He has been released to resume all his activities. The doctor told the mother that if she wanted to bring him back for follow-up in six months, it would be up to her, but it wasn’t necessary. Pastor Gary Nibbelink had this to say about what transpired: “When we gather to pray for miracles, we have to think about whose reputation is at stake, ours or God’s.” We firmly believe that God did in the past and still does today have the total power to heal. Our church believes this with all our hearts, and we have seen miracle after miracle transpire. Want to find out more? You are welcome to visit Oasis of Grace, and anyone of those who witnessed this miracle will be glad to share with you.