It was a great year for the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club

Irene D’Aloisio, President

Things are slowing down in our community, and pickleball is no exception. It makes me think about all we did this year. We did a lot! We had some fun socials, starting in June with one of our Southern members Puttin’ on the Grits, a pickleball social with a southern theme and menu. Those of us who stay here sweated our way through the summer in the early mornings. In September, we had enough of the heat and urged it to leave with the Aloha, Summer! social where the pickleball board cooked breakfast while members played. Who doesn’t want to see their board members slave away over hot trays in the summer heat? We all waved bye-bye to the summer sun, hoping fall was quickly on its way.

Our Open House table was successful with lots of visitors and many new members joining. Then it was right on to the Turkeys vs. Grinches holiday social (with some fascinating costumes!) and a stop along the way for some holiday giving. Our generous members showed their big hearts to the community when we adopted a family, and every member opened his or her wallet to help out. We honored our family’s list of needs in the form of presents and then gave even more. We made sure they had enough for a huge holiday dinner. But our club’s hearts were so big, we had enough to provide needy students at Hamilton High with snacks, toiletries and restaurant gift cards for weekend food. And we didn’t stop there. Our members had opened their wallets so wide, we are still providing our Hamilton Kids with these necessities. We love our community and enjoy helping.

Along the way, we lost things and we found them and sometimes we lost them again. It comes with the territory, right? And we lost some friends, too, reminding us how important we are to each other, even if we are “just” pickleball friends.

Wait! Was it February already? Spring brought pickleball training and the skills rodeo. We all grew or figured out where we needed to grow. And then it was time for the Norris Invitational Tournament, the club’s huge event, inviting everyone who lives in Sun Lakes to participate. With nearly 200 participants this year, it was a fun and successful event. And we still played with other clubs in the area and celebrated when our mixed team snagged first place in the EVIL league and were delighted when our women’s teams grabbed second.

Suddenly, it was the end of March! Time for our End of Year Party where we had games and food in the San Tan Ballroom. And hugs and goodbyes, a last chance for all of us to get together.

It happens so fast, the days just whizzing by. Oh, yes, I’d say it was definitely a very good year.

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