IWLN medallion winners

Pictured left to right are Julia Collier and MJ Coking

Pictured left to right are Julia Collier and MJ Coking

Nancy Davis, Publicity

Medallion winners: MJ Coking and Julia Collier were our IWLN 2015 Medallion winners who played in the AWGA Medallion Tournament held at PebbleCreek on January 17. The Coking/Collier team won first place in their flight and share their experience with us. “The course was beautiful and enjoyable to golf. PebbleCreek is a gorgeous facility. There was even a toasty fireplace to warm up by before heading out. We played with two ladies from PebbleCreek and they were very kind and hospitable. To top it off, our meal was wonderful. It was a great experience.” Huge congratulations to you both – not only did you win big – you had fun doing it!

Out and about: On January 19 Kay Blas, Bettie Farr, Marcia Gaudioso, Vicki Mendenhall, Susan Powell, Judy Thompson, and Catherine Tinerino-Moore played in the Heron Lakes Golf Invitational Tournament. Judy Thompson and team took third place and Kay Blas had the longest putt. On February 3 Denise Fleshner, Marcia Gaudioso, Ann Gavin, Nancy Heberling, Barb Johnston, Linda Liberti, Connie Luther and Vicki Mendenhall played at the Sunland Village East Invitational Tournament. Vicki Mendenhall and team took first place, Barb Johnston and team took fifth place, Nancy Heberliing won Closest-to-the-Pin, and Denise Fleshner, Marcia Gaudioso, and Nancy Heberling were raffle winners. With so many prizes, Marcia may have to attach a U-Haul to the Golfmobile!

Mark your calendars: Our next board meeting is March 2 at 10:00 a.m. and our next general meeting is March 9 at 10:00 a.m. Both meetings will be held in the Ironwood Clubhouse. March 16 is our Beat the Pro event – always a fun and challenging round of golf.

Membeship: We are extending a very warm welcome to our newest member Denise Lott. Thank you Norma Marsh for introducing Denise to us. If you would like information about our fabulous league, please contact Membership Chair Rachel Enloe at 480-802-1631.