IWLN summer players

Nancy Davis, Publicity

We have come to the end of our Sun Lakes summer and the end of casual summer play. This summer, with the renovation closure of our Ironwood golf course, many of our Ironwood Ladies played on Tuesday mornings with the Oakwood Lady Niners on the Oakwood courses. We acknowledge the many IWLN who played during our sultry summer at Oakwood and they are Paula Bartoo, Janet Bauer, Julia Collier, Susie Cook, Rachel Enloe, Denise Fleshner, Judy Frink, JoAnne Gaudioso, Ann Gavin, Kathy Herrig, Margaret Johns, Jeanine Krause, Sandy Krediet, Linda Liberti, Denise Lott, Susan Meer, Eileen Moberg, Patty Partridge, Deborah Poropat, Susan Schaeffer, Dianne Severa, Barbara Sletto, Judy Thompson, Catherine Tinerino-Moore, and Clarisse Zornes. These ladies enjoyed their play at Oakwood, their social time at the Poolside Café following golf, and the new Oakwood Lady friendships that evolved. We again thank the Oakwood Ladies and the Oakwood Pro Shop staff who all made us feel very welcome playing at Oakwood.

Important meetings: Our next Board Meeting will be on Wednesday, November 2 at 10:00 a.m. at the Ironwood Clubhouse. Our next General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 9 at 10:00 a.m. also at the Ironwood Clubhouse. It is very important that members attend because we will be discussing our 2017 Executive Board, our 2017 membership renewals and “Take Me Out to the Golf Game!” Come and hear the latest information on our IWLN Invitational Golf Tournament to be held on March 22, 2017. You all are invited!

Giving thanks: With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we want to take time to give thanks for our great Lady Niner League and the wonderful friendships we have developed. The Executive Board, our standing committees, and many other members put in countless hours to make our organization so successful and so much fun. We also thank Eddy Renio, Kevin Marugame, Ray Paiva and the Ironwood Pro Shop staff for their professionalism and generosity in providing our ladies with a wonderful golf experience throughout the year. They make golf great in IronOaks.

For information about the Ironwood Lady Niners, please contact our Membership Chair Rachel Enloe at 480-802-1631.