Jacquie’s Corner: No Idea

Jacqueline M. Ruffino-Platt

You leave your home and step into your car to begin the day. Somehow, someone or something upset you and anger erupts. However, this all begins your day. You head for the freeway and traffic tie-up. Your gas tank is reading empty. You forgot to fill it the evening before. You go to a drive-thru for a quick breakfast only to wait in line behind others. You reach the window and begin tapping your fingers on the dashboard or something metal to get the sound of fury entering your bloodstream. And to pass the fury onto someone else. “Hello, Hello, is someone there? Finally, it’s about time I don’t have all day. Take my order, I am in a hurry.” You pay and off you go. You will drive and eat at the same time and realize your breakfast order is wrong. Your watch says 6:30 a.m., wow, so early in the day to experience the feelings of anger, boiling temper, discomfort and pain. Many thoughts going through your mind. Blood pressure has risen significantly; your pulse is racing and you begin to blame all of your emotions on the person who took your order at the drive-thru. You had “No Idea” this person was dealing with their life changing moments. They received sad news about their spouse or family member. Not the time or place to exchange such personal feelings through a takeout window. Would you have known others were having a bad day and would that make a difference? Not sure. Is it possible to shake these negative feelings and feel more positive? Hmmm. During any given minute, hour, day, week, months or years you interact with people at any given time. Babies, youngsters, teens, grownups and the elderly, and it has never crossed your mind and have “No Idea” what their lives are experiencing.

Our negativity and rudeness can sometimes rear its ugly head and may also be interpreted by others as being a disrespectful person. Yet, others have “No Idea” what you are experiencing in your life.

Look people in their eyes, and faces, take time to say Hi, How are you today? When time permits, ask them about themselves. You may have “No Idea” how you made them feel today. I am hopeful they will feel pretty special.

Have you ever seen an older person and wondered what their lives were like growing up? An elderly man employed as a Greeter at Walmart was seldom on time. When his employer asked, “What did they say to you when you were late at your last job?” the man replied, “How would you like your coffee this morning, Admiral?”

You may have “No Idea” who you are dealing with and what they have accomplished in their life. Keep calm, friendly, and try to have patience when dealing with others.

So, let’s begin the new year on a Positive Note.