Jason Morton Tennis Update

Kwong Young

The 2021 Jason Morton went very well with great tournament entries (266), and the weather was near perfect except on the final day, Sunday, where it was a bit unseasonably windy and colder. But the show must go on, and the players did just that.

At the end of all matches, it was a genuine racket tap and a smile to each other across the net.

We also had more ladies playing compared to the past. This is a good sign, and this will only get better.

It was good to see our very own IronOaks tennis members playing: Crump/Berry, Johnson/Vargas, Jorgensen/Lapointe, D. Wagner, J. Sanders, S. Newitt, J. Utter, J. DeMoss, C. Mulvenna/T. Goldsmith. Team T. Shum/L. Lapane defeated B. Cheney/T. Mandel.

Congratulations to Jack Sanders, winner of the 80+ Singles division and IronOaks resident who recently celebrated his 85th birthday.

Tournament Director Matt Gleason again did a tremendous job scheduling the matches for the four-day event from morning until evening. Matt did have some assistance from the USTA office of the team of Kelly Ferris, Allie Pavlansky, and Lori Therrien, and also a big shout out to the USTA roaming referee, Bonnie Rudolph.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to our wonderful sponsors:

* Tennis Cabana

* The Kolb Team

* Blue Star

* Young Home Team

* A-1 Golf Carts, Inc.