Jewish Single Seniors group notice


We know that taking a step starts with one foot, then the next. Do yourself a favor and take a step to join Havurah Chai, a Jewish Senior Singles group in the Sun Lakes area where many new friendships are being made.

Chai is making great strides in 2019 as we venture in to our fourth year with an event each month plus a lunch or dinner get-together. Some of the great future events include the Hale Theater, Japanese Flower Gardens, Chandler Center of the Arts and Barleen’s Family Theater.

If you are a Jewish single senior, here is a place to feel welcome – this is it!

Friends are the flowers of life. Come step into our garden and watch your flowers bloom!

If you would like to attend Shabbat Services, come to Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation on the second Friday of the month. You are most welcome, and then join our group at our own Oneg tables. We have no dues except your smile, and carpooling to events is available.

For information, please contact Lainy Sardina at [email protected] or 480-895-0974.