Jewish War Veterans: A Legacy of Service and Advocacy

East Valley Chabad Rabbi Mendy Deitsch will address Jewish War Veterans Post 619 on Sunday, Oct. 15. His talk will focus on the rich history and impact of the Jewish War Veterans organization.

The Jewish War Veterans (JWV) meeting takes place on Sunday, Oct. 15, in the Poolside building at Oakwood Country Club, 24218 S. Oakwood Blvd. in Sun Lakes. A Meet & Greet with free lox and bagels, coffee, and doughnuts starts at 9:30 a.m. The speaker follows at 10 a.m. All are welcome.

Rabbi Deitsch will delve into the origins, mission, and accomplishments of the Jewish War Veterans organization, highlighting its role in supporting Jewish veterans, advocating for their rights, and preserving their historical contributions.

The discussion includes JWV’s notable achievements, such as initiatives to honor fallen Jewish servicemembers, efforts to combat anti-Semitism within the military, and involvement in community service and social justice causes. Rabbi Deitsch further explains, “This talk offers an opportunity to recognize the invaluable work of the Jewish War Veterans and to inspire continued dedication to their mission.”

JWV Post 619, which meets the third Sunday of each month from September through May, boasts members who represent a wide range of religious affiliations and participates in philanthropic activities to help veterans of all faiths. To learn more about JWV activities and membership, contact Elliott Reiss at [email protected] or 480-802-3281.