Join the Advanced Spanish conversation group

Dianne Zimmerman

Hola Amigos! Would you like to join us for Spanish conversation?

We are a group of Spanish speakers who created an informal Spanish conversation group a few years ago so we could practice speaking and understanding. If you have studied Spanish in the past, lived in a Spanish speaking country, spoken Spanish at home while growing up, or have graduated from an intermediate Spanish class, we welcome you to join us.

We meet every Wednesday afternoon in the Ocotillo Room at Oakwood, next to the Patrol office from 4:15-5:30 p.m. and welcome all new participants from the area. It is not imperative to attend each week, but rather as each person’s schedule allows. We come from varying backgrounds and we all share a desire to keep the Spanish we have learned. We talk about many different subjects, often with a theme or a reading. We help each other find the right words and correct grammar.

This is not a class and we do not have homework, although we welcome interesting topics found in Spanish papers, on Spanish radio or internet sites.

Please call Dianne at 480-883-9266 for further information.