Join the First Friday Feed a Firefighter program

Angela Timm

Have you heard about the First Friday Feed A Firefighter program here in Sun Lakes?

The program was started in 2015 by Linda Shanahan as a way to acknowledge the two fire stations that service the residents of Sun Lakes.

Thanks go to the following cooks who have provided meals to the crews at Stations 231 and 232 during 2019: Julie Santamaria, Kathi Bilke, Kathy Major, Ralph Malezak, Joan Sisley, Judi Dwyer, Charlene Clausen, Helen Abrams, Marie Sarro, Susan Thorne, Judith Kuse, Judy Ellefson, Sheila Stout, Judy Martin, Carol Mellinger, and Diane Keneally.

In January, the program will be entering its fifth year, and there are many available slots open for those interested in cooking in 2020.

Here is how it works:

* Two cooks are needed for each month. Station 231 is off of Sun Lakes Boulevard, and Station 232 is on Alma School Road close to the Riggs Road intersection.

* Cooks prepare meals for the six- to eight-member crew at the chosen station and deliver the meals around dinnertime on the first Friday of every month.

* Coordination is managed by Angie Timm. She will provide the cook with information regarding the shift that will be on duty that Friday night, and the cook calls the station to confirm details and the meal and times to drop it off.

Questions? Interested in cooking? Call or email Angie! She can be reached at [email protected] or 802-345-5828.