Joyful Downsizing Announces Book, ‘Getting Your Life Together Organizer’

Kim Kubsch

Make it easy to wrap up your well-lived life, reduce stress, and organize your life and your afterlife today. To create an easy path for your loved ones for tomorrow, when you are gone, purchase this book.

Regardless of your age, current health condition, or the value of your estate, you and your survivors will experience valuable benefits from tackling afterlife planning sooner rather than later. By recording your values and wishes now, it will be you overseeing your care. Should you become ill, who will execute your personal affairs and end-of-life health care? Document now to eliminate guesswork after you become incapacitated or are gone.

Your loved ones will consider your advanced planning a welcome gift as they navigate key decisions during a difficult and emotional time. With your preparedness, you will find peace of mind in knowing that your affairs will be taken care of as you wish.

Prepare Your Survivors: I’m Gone! What’s Next?

By having this planner completed in full, you can relieve some of the stress your loved ones will feel upon your departure, as they protect your assets and legacy. It means you can take control of the dying process while you’re still well and know what you want. If you’ve been faced with a recent diagnosis of a terminal illness, establishing future decisions now can offer some semblance of control in what will likely feel like a very out-of-control situation.

Who Will Use This Workbook?

You. This active planner and organizing tool, updated by you, is your one-stop master plan of “Important Documents.” Leaving this completed guide for survivors will eliminate guesswork, thereby making implementation of your instructions easier with all your data in one place.

Your survivors. This will be the first helpful tool they will look for when you pass. Keep this organizer guide in a safe, secure, and easily accessible place. Advise those you trust of its location and how to gain access to it.

About the Author: Kim Kubsch

My focus since 2008 has been on helping seniors live better—aging in place, holistic nutrition education, tai chi, balance for seniors, volunteering, and serving on the board of directors for the senior non-profit Neighbors Who Care in Sun Lakes, Ariz. Currently, my company Joyful Downsizing offers downsizing, decluttering, organizing, and facilitating transitions for boomers and seniors in the Phoenix Southeast Valley. With this background, I have accumulated 15 years of working with a diverse group of boomers and seniors.

One unfortunate observation I’ve made is that today’s seniors lack interest or knowledge in thinking about and planning for their deaths. As a certified organizational specialist, I have created this master plan organizer for you to use while you are alive and for your loved ones to use when you are gone. As an active, living tool, updated yearly, your organizer will be the bridge between you and your wishes to your loved ones and survivors.

Contact me to learn about my free 30-minute consultation to request downsizing or assistance in completing this life organizing tool. Contact  me at 480-720-8566 or [email protected].