Joyful Downsizing: Simple Steps to Organize Any Space

Kim Kubsch

Are you tired of procrastinating to get organized and declutter your home? Once you have chosen the space you want to organize, take a “before photo.” Then proceed with these eight simple steps to complete it. Remember, start with a small space, and before you know it, you will have decluttered many small spaces!

1. Take Everything Out. Start by removing every single item from the space.

2. Declutter/Remove anything you don’t want to keep.

3. Sort Everything. Typically, you will group by type of item, but you can also try grouping by color. Be realistic with your storage. Sure, it looks cute to have 12 jars lined up on a shelf with 12 different colors stored separately, but you’re wasting so much space! You could keep those same 12 colors of buttons in zip-top bags inside one small container.

4. Be Mindful of Your Physical Comfort. Use a folding table or bed or countertop to display all your items. When storing items, keep your most-used items chest/stomach level. Constant reaching and bending is enough to kill your energy.

5. Contain Everything and store by category. Store things by shape and size, or store things by function or project use.

6. Label to avoid wasting time, especially when using opaque containers. Labeling increases the likelihood that you will put things back where they go. The only time I don’t label is when using shoe organizers. Add these organizers on the doors of your space (or nail them to a wall if you don’t have a door) for 24 tiny cubbies of all your smallest things. With the clear type, you can see what’s inside, and you will waste less time looking for items.

7. Clean Up After Each Session. Whether gardening, baking, or crafting, keep butcher brown paper rolls, plastic painters’ drop cloths, or plastic rectangular tablecloths on hand ($1 at Dollar General) to line tables for easy cleanup. Even if you don’t put everything away, just cleaning up your trash and straightening your bins, boxes, and supplies will make you more willing to pick up where you left off next time.

8. Maintain. Put everything back in its place when you are done with it.

Using these eight simple steps will help you waste less time and reduce frustration when looking for things. It doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s space. Just create a space that will make you smile when you walk into the room!

Future articles will feature digital photo storage, drawer organization, and moving preparation; Items you may not need to buy anymore; my favorite organizing tools. Stay tuned.

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