July CMGA event results

Buddy Meola

I am saddened to start with the passing of a longtime member of the Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association. Jack Kinney passed away on July 2 at the age of 92. Jack was a past secretary of the CMGA Board. The Jack Kinney Member/Guest annual golf tournament was named for him. Rest in peace, Jack, and thanks for your service to our club.

The July 6 Ace of Aces low gross and low net qualify for the end of the year Ace of Aces tournament.

First Flight Low Gross – Paul Brauer 70, First Flight Low Net – Pat Conry 66, Second Flight Low Gross – Jim Miller 79, Second Flight Low Net – Herbye White 66, Third Flight Low Gross – Julien Pickens 85, Third Flight Low Net – Earl Whiteman 65

The July 13 event was a Blue White and Gold Low Gross/Low Net by Flight.

First Flight Low Gross – David Reap 71, First Flight Low Net – Michael Moore 63, Second Flight Low Gross – Neal Lordos 79, Second Flight Low Net – Dan Paxton 67, Third Flight Low Gross – Brad Reis 87, Third Flight Low Net – Tom Rhea 67

July 20 and July 27 was the 2-day Summer Sizzler. It was a flighted Low Gross/Low Net tournament which featured a patio party on July 20 and patio lunch on July 27.

First Flight Low Gross – Paul Brauer 150, First Flight Low Net – Jack Hill 142, Second Flight Low Gross – Michael Moore 159, Second Flight Low Net – Bill Irwin 137, Third Flight Low Gross – Gerald Brock 168, Third Flight Low Net – Bob Schrote 132

August Events started with the Ace of Aces Qualifier on August 3.

August 10 was an ABCD select a drive/2 Net.

August 17 was a Cross Country event.

August 24 was an individual Quota Points event.

August 31 was an AB pick your partner event.