June PVLGA News

Christine Lecoutre

This month’s hole-in-one was made by Christine Jones on hole number 4. Congratulations.

Results for weekly play follow:

June 2: Flight 1: 1st Bonnie Moore; 2nd Colleen Mitchell, Pat Tjosvold, and Dolores Allard; 5th Nancy Hermanson; 6th Val Verbeck and Mary Horn; Flight 2: 1st Denise Orthen and Linda Grendahl; 3rd Karen Bailey and Gwen Curtis; 5th Tammy Bailey; 6th  Noella Bannister; 7th Patsy Siegismund, Sandy Chavez, Janice McNab, and Alice Barber; Flight 3: 1st Christine Jones; 2nd Wanda Wiggins, Sandra Labute, Dolores Mahaffey; 5th Rose Hames; 6th Marcia Smith, Vicki Bottiglieri, and Rita Raymond

June 9 T and F. Flight 1: 1st Anita Barber; 2nd Val Verbeck; 3rd Carole Guild; 4th Mary Horn; 5th Jan Nelson; 6th Carol Ruff; 7th Janet Stuckey; Flight 2: 1st Sharon Freeman; 2nd Gwen Curtis; 3rd Linda Carr; 4th Ginger Henry; 5th Karen Bailey; 6th Dolores Allard; 7th Julie Curran, Carolyn Hoffland, Denise Orthen, Terry Tyler, Diana Ridd; Flight 3: 1st Dolores Mahaffey; 2nd Noella Bannister, Jan Bazzill; 4th Alice Barber; 5th Judy Daidone, Shirley Trusal; 7th Marsha Deuel.

June 16 Blind Draw: Flight 1 (0-40 combined handicap): 1st Cindy Bosh and Jan Stuckey, Mary Horn and Dolores Allard; 3rd Denise Devereaux and Karen Bailey; 4th Carol Guild and Blind Draw, Val Verbeck and Blind Draw, Colleen Mitchell and Carolyn Hoffman, Anita Barber and Blind Draw, Bonnie Moore and Carolyn Tagatz, Jan Hawkes and Christy Thomas, Mary Nelson and Tammy Bailey, Sherri Butler and Pat Tjosvold, Blind Draw and Denise Orthen; Flight 2 (41 and up combined handicap): 1st Gwen Curtis and Lori Denapoli; 2nd Terry Tyler and Blind Draw; Jan Bazzill and Sandra Labute; 4th Noella Bannister and Marsha Deuel; 5th Sandy Chavez and Rita Raymond, Diana Ridd and Blind Draw, Jerry Jordan and Lois Fitzsimmons, Alice Barber and Rose Hames, Barb Byczko and Kay Berner, Ginger Henry and Dolores Mahaffey, Wanda Wiggins and Blind Draw, Paula Elbery and Shirley Trusal, Susie Buell and Pat Schultz, Julie Lutostanski and Judy Daidone

June 23 and 30: Flight 1: 1st Cindy Bosh; 2nd Mary Nelson, Nancy Hermanson; 4th Colleen Mitchell, Mary Horn; 6th Bonnie Moore, Pat Tjosvold; Flight 2: 1st Tammy Bailey; 2nd Gwen Curtis; 3rd Julie Curran, Christy Thomas, Denise Orthen; 6th Janet Quade; 7th Diana Ridd, Janice McNab; Flight 3: 1st Paula Elbery; 2nd Marsha Deuel; 3rd Noella Bannister, Rose Hames; 5th Kay Berner, Naomi Bryson; 7th June Park, Christine Jones

Congratulations to all.

Stay Safe, stay cool, and keep on golfing.

PVLGA Cares News: Donations of January 2020 went to The Perfect Place, an adult care service. An Ashton-Drake lifelike doll was presented to Dr. Rose Saunders, Executive Director of The Perfect Place. The doll coos and has a heartbeat, and the participants get joy and comfort from holding it. The daycare is currently closed due to COVID-19 with hopes that it will reopen by August.