June PVLGA tournaments were lots of fun

Cheryl Reed got a hole-in-one on May 30, 2017.

Cheryl Reed got a hole-in-one on May 30, 2017.

Liz DeMichael, Publicity

Although June was one of the hottest in Arizona history, the PVLGA golfers were hotter. Let me show you how they sizzled.

6/06. The ladies used their results on only the holes starting with O-N-E-S toward their final scores, even though they played a full round. Someone could have a great day, but not necessarily on the holes that counted. The winners were Flight 1: Carole Guild, Donna Purcell and Linda Brock; Flight 2: Vallerie Verbeck, Susan Lamb and Julie Curran; Flight 3: Kathy Jones, Lorri Morgan and Liz DeMichael and Rita Raymond (tied for third).

6/13. The second tournament of the month was a four-person Select-a-Drive. All players teed off, selected the best drive to hit from and then played their individual balls for the rest of the hole. The team winners were First: Wanda Johnson, Penny Nowicki, Rita Raymond and Glenna Twing; Second: Kathy Bushbaum, Bobbi Forbes and Mary Nelson (+ blind draw); Third: Marsha Deuel, Kathy Jones, Mary Martz and Billie Seiberling.

6/27. Fun Day! This 9-hole event was set up for the ladies to play a different format on every hole. Examples included using their putter to tee off (No. 2), aiming for the sand trap on No. 3 and if it went in, they got a hole-in-one, using a 7 iron on every shot in a four-person scramble (No. 4), throwing the ball from the tee box, then finishing the ball as usual (No. 6), and playing the worst drive on No. 8 and then choosing one player to finish the hole.

The team winners were First: Sandy Chavez, Marsha Deuel, Colleen Mitchell and Rita Raymond; Second: Carole Elliott, Camille Jasien, Bonnie Moore and Jan Nelson; Third: Julianne Curran, Pat Kreiling, Carol Ruff and Pat Schultz. Lots of fun in the sun!