“Just for Fun” Billards event starting January 8


Gary Vacin

“Jersey Mike” Giarlo is planning a “Just for Fun” billiards event at the Cottonwood Billiards Room.

The gathering will start at 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday beginning January 8. All local billiards players are invited to participate. A regular at the Cottonwood Pool Room, Mike says this will not be a structured tournament format but, instead, will be a fun event designed to bring together players of all abilities to play six games of 8-Ball doubles. Variations of the event follow:

1. Two games of standard “straight” 8-Ball.

2. Two games of standard 8-Ball with the requirement that the 1 and 15 balls must be pocketed in a designated side pocket.

3. Two games of Scotch doubles using the standard 8-Ball format. Scotch doubles requires that players on the same team alternate from shot to shot within the same inning.

Each player will need to bring six quarters to the event. Each of four players contributes one quarter to the “kitty.” Winners of each game split the combined kitty of $1.00.

Team players will be drawn by random lot, and each game will have different playing partners. Mike says this is a game of fun and will be for players of all levels. Once everyone gets a chance to play, the game will be easy to understand, and it gives players a different way to play as partners, he says.

Mike hopes to see players he knows and would like to invite other players he does not know. For additional information, call Mike at 480-272-1500 or email him at [email protected]

This format allows only 16 players at each session, so if you would like to play, please let Mike know.