Keeping cool with the Desert Artists

Masterpieces from a Desert Artists class on acrylic painting

Masterpieces from a Desert Artists class on acrylic painting

Is this your first summer in the Valley?

Did you feel like there was no one left in Sun Lakes last summer?

Are you looking for ways to keep cool – and be cool this summer?

Are you are an artist staying in Sun Lakes, working alone and trying to keep cool?

Or are you someone who always wanted to try art but are too timid to be seen creating in public?

But, you’re lonely; creative, but lonely. This doesn’t have to be! There are groups in Sun Lakes for creative people who like being around other creative people. For artists, you are welcome at the Desert Artists Club, a weekly gathering of people who paint, decorate gourds, make baskets, do scratchboard and generally like to hang out together. We meet year round in the cool Arts and Crafts Room at the Sun Lakes Country Club.

You can be an expert or a total beginner. We have a number of people who have been painting less than a year who benefit from the encouragement and advice of more experienced members. Everyone is friendly and non-judgmental!

We also have a library of painting videos that can be viewed in the Arts and Crafts Room or can be borrowed. We also offer classes periodically throughout the year. So stop working alone all week. Join us on Wednesdays.

The Desert Artists meet every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m.-until we get ready to go home in the Arts and Crafts room at the Sun Lakes Country Club. Many of us stay for lunch. Our business meetings are held in the same place on the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. Requested critiques follow general meetings. Our annual dues are $10. For additional information contact Shirley Shoemaker at [email protected] or call 480-802-1661. Don’t miss another week! v