Korean War Veterans

Leon “Skip” Johnson, Chapter Commander

With the coming of the fall season, we all have high expectations of the fine weather that typically makes this a wonderful place to visit, and after a warmer-than-usual summer, many of us who call this home are happy to see and feel the changes as we rapidly head into the holiday season. As we continue to proceed with the necessary awareness and precautions to make our surroundings as safe as possible, we all are aware that progress is moving forward, but we still have a ways to go. On the positive side, the schools are back in session, many local clubs are starting to open up their doors again, restaurants are back to somewhat normal, and there is a lot going on around the local areas.

I’m happy to say that the Korean War Veterans are back again, having their first formal meeting set in place in late September. Actually, being a service-orientated organization, they never formally close down and are there to help whenever the needs arise. As things start to fall in place, any open issues that weren’t resolved in the start-up September meeting will be addressed, and further information will be passed on to all of the current membership via their normal channels of communication in a timely manner.

I believe this is worth repeating: During these tough times, our club recognizes that the unexpected can happen at any time, and our primary focus these days is to be available to help those in time of need. In the event of an emergency, we are only a phone call away, and we maintain an assortment of medical equipment that is easily accessible from our storage area that we personally maintain. For additional information regarding any of this, please feel free to call our Chapter Commander at the telephone number listed below. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have or put you in touch with somebody who may be better able to assist you to satisfy a particular need that may have recently surfaced.

For quite a while now, the club has continued to meet for lunches on a weekly basis each Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the IHOP, and the response has been extremely good. All members are welcome, and interested parties can contact Skip for additional details. If you are a member planning on attending for the first time, it may be nice to let Skip know, just as a courtesy, as the group has grown considerably, and it does place a large demand on the restaurant management. Lunches are held weekly at the IHOP located in the Target Shopping Center off Arizona Avenue, just north of Ocotillo. If you’re looking for information pertaining to the club and its activities, call Leon Johnson at 970-481-3005.