Korean War Veterans

Chapter Commander Leon “Skip” Johnson

It’s been a long, hot summer, being tied down with the many restrictions required because of the current virus situation, the heat, and a variety of other things. Our club activities typically do relax during the summer months, but we never, never are totally closed down. In the event of an emergency where we can possibly help, we’re just a phone call away. A wide variety of medical equipment is available, that is easily accessible and close by for short-term emergencies or support for other items with long-term disabilities. For further details on this, please feel free to call our chapter commander at the number listed below.

A special note of thanks goes out to the group of representatives from the government of the Republic of Korea who hosted a luncheon at the Sun Lakes Country Club for our chapter of the Korean War Veterans for those serving our country. This took place on the 25th of June here in Sun Lakes. It was really appreciated and enjoyable to all who were able to attend. Those attending were provided a gift bag and a Memorable Challenge coin to be added to their collections.

Our primary focus these days is to be available to all veterans and the community who may need support or assistance in handling any unexpected emergency situations as best we can. Plans are underway to look into the timing on when we can start to resume our club’s normal scheduled monthly meetings, and get back to our normal mode of operations. Expectations are that this will be sometime shortly following the Labor Day holiday. All current members will be kept informed in a timely manner once things are finalized. Weekly luncheons on Tuesdays at IHOP are doing well and will continue. Many thanks to the management and service personnel there. They have always treated us all very well.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, feel free to get in touch with Leon Johnson, our chapter commander, via telephone at 970-482-3005. He will be happy to talk with you. Stay safe and enjoy these times with friends and family.