Korean War Veterans news – September 2014

The R Countryman Chapter of the Korean War/Korea Service Veterans will meet on Tuesday, September 23 in the Friendship Room of the Sun Lakes Country Club at 10:00 am. Our guest speaker will be Major General Carl G. Schneider.

General Schneider will talk about experiences he had in flying 100 combat missions in F-80 jet fighters against enemy air and ground targets from September 1950 to May 1951. Many missions were flown around the Pusan perimeter in the early days and then later attacking North Korean trains, trucks, tanks, supply convoys, airfields and front line enemy troops in contact with our brave U.N. Forces. General Schneider also flew many missions in support of the U.S. Marines as they fought the Chinese forces from the Chosin Reservoir to the ships at Hamhung-Hungnam.

All guests are welcome and you can check us out on our website at www.kwvacc.org or contact Commander Doyle Porter at 602-540-7574.

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