Kudos to Fred Smith, MOGA Webmaster

Fred Smith, MOGA webmaster

Bruce McCorkle

Data wizard and webmaster extraordinaire Fred Smith was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He took his first computer class in September of 1967, and the very first day he said, “This is for me.” His work career took him through computer consulting, the family retail furniture business, and an investment advisor, ending his career with Raymond James.

He’s had four holes-in-one, shot par or better five times, and shot his age twice.

Fred’s hobbies are golf, bridge, and music, and he has played Christmas music for the Luminaria Walk for the last three years. His computer skills are still being worked on because of his inability to say no.

Fred and his wife Linda have been married for 53 years and have two daughters and five grandchildren, most of whom can now outdrive him.

When you receive a detailed report on your annual winnings, how many times you shot your age, your holes-in-one, etc., you can thank our data wizard Fred Smith!

Shootout Championship Qualifiers

The first “Shootout” players to qualify to play in the December Shootout Final are Gregg Harney, Matt Robertson, Gary Leath, Clary Chiers, Rich Engler, Bruce McCorkle, Rich Pavlak, Robert Finocchiaro, John Hoffman, Don Bartolo, Charlie Fields, and Ted Osborne.

We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.

A player was disqualified in the January Shootout round because he did not putt out. Unfortunately for him, he would have otherwise placed third and won chits. Putt out means exactly that—putt the ball into the hole! Please “protect the field” and ensure that all members of your group abide by the rules.

Doug Stodgel, Rules

Rule 6.1(b) states that the ball must be played from inside the teeing area. Always be aware of where the tee markers are when teeing your ball. If the sand bucket and broken tee box is not next to the tee marker and you are not careful, you could inadvertently tee your ball between the sand bucket and tee marker, which is outside the teeing area. Or if you tee your ball in front of the tee markers, or if you tee your ball more than two club lengths behind the tee markers, you will be deemed outside the teeing area, which will result in a general penalty (two strokes). You must correct this and re-tee your ball within the proper teeing area, or it will become a disqualification in stroke play. In match play, your opponent can accept your shot or recall it and have you re-tee in the proper teeing area, with no penalty.

Adopt a Hole

If you are interested in fixing/filling divots on the tee boxes and fairways of a particular hole of Palms, Sonoran, or Lakes, please contact Steve Engler at 480-284-1844 or [email protected].

First-Place Winners

12/28 Team Best 2 Net: Dominic Palazzo, Michale Radomski, Dale Redger, Bill Schauermann

Major Events Coming Soon

2/01: Oakwood Shootout, Individual Low Net

2/08: Presidents Cup

2/15: Presidents Cup