Ladies Community Chit and Chat Group happenings


The Ladies Community Chit & Chat Breakfast Group will be meeting on the second Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at Cottonwood Country Club in the Saguaro Room. Come to meet new and greet former friends. Network before the meeting or after the meeting for camaraderie. Seating to order off the menu will be at 8:15 a.m. for proper service from the waitresses to receive your order in time.

Continue your stay after the meeting for networking if you wish. Program will start promptly at 9:00 a.m. (don’t be late). We have an interesting program to listen to. Pauline Sciaretta will give a description for her life of service to others. Pauline sat down one day compelled to write a poem given to her by the universe. It poses the greatest question humans face – Why Am I Here? – in its many forms.

In response to her channeled poetry, Pauline wrote a Guide to Meditation to help you find your own answers to the real-life example of healing through a simple daily practice.

Her wish is for this practical, short inspirational book to guide you toward clarity and peace of mind in your relationships, career and health.

Why Am I Here? One of My Many Questions to God (A Poem and Meditation Guide) is also available on and Kindle. Pauline’s book will be available for sale at this meeting for $8.00 payable in cash or a check.

We have a Lunch A Bunch Group that meets once a month with RSVP for seating arrangements. At the Breakfast, a sign-in sheet for the lunch is available to pass around the room. Contact person is Gloria Hawks, 714-362-6566, or Sheila Asroff, 480-656-0180.

We brainstorm with other groups to meet each other for activities if needed. We share educational information that is needed with each other of value to everyone for discussions to their group and team leader. Come to the Chit and Chat Group to share your ideas and talents. Talk about memories, accomplishments, family or a loss. Find solutions to everyday problems, frustrations and maybe even conquer updates on computer and technology usage and answers to trusts, health issues and everyday difficulties and investment knowledge and home safety. We share community needs! Looking for car repair shop, handyman, etc.? We can help you! with resources for your needs.

Bring your friends, neighbors and relatives and come for a relaxing, fun-filled morning and go home being inspired and uplifted and looking forward to coming back for another meeting. Attendees will order off the menu, and each person will be able to pay for her own breakfast.

Please make a reservation by Monday, January 7, 2019. All are welcome.

For reservations, contact Rose at 480-802-0775.