Ladies Jokers Wild Hand and Foot Card Group

Susan Gottschalk

The Lady Jokers Wild Hand and Foot card group, which meets on Thursday afternoons, gathered recently for a holiday picture. Following the weekly games, the group enjoyed dinner at Sun Lakes Country Club. The ladies standing (left to right): Karen Ryan, Pat Goldberg, Jeanne Russo, Carol Kirsch, Carolyn Rogers, Arlene Singer, Bev Plimpton, Phyllis Schager, Mary Armour, Joyce Dean, Jean Cohen, Kathi Bobek, Jackie Jones, Ruth Munzer; seated (left to right): Sandy Bealmere, Barb Casper, Anna Cody, Patty LeVoir, Nannette Newman, Janet Rogers, Susan Gottschalk, Patty Assante, Catherine Clemento, Lois Hauge, Rita Stadler, Toni Kopaz