Ladies Pitch n’ Putt

Arlene Fletcher

The ladies continue to enjoy a fun game of golf while making new friends at the Sun Lakes Pitch and Putt Course every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. If you are interested in joining us, contact Mary Harper at 480-262-9136. Remember, you don’t have to play well, as we always play a scramble.

Winners were:

2/16. 1st place with a team score of 21: Mary Harper, Jan Sykes, Maryann Kerhberg, Sue Miller

2/23. 1st place with team score ties of 22: Unni Foster, Joann Brown, Sue Cherrier, Mary Harper and Linda Wlchlin, Audrey Johnson, Jan Cobb, Jan Sykes

3/02. 1st place with a team score of 22: Sherri Digel, Jill Benedict, Karen Torrance, Rose Gallagher; 2nd place with a team score of 23: Rosemary King, Pat Rouse, Judie Ringdahl, Ramona Thaete

3/09. 1st place with a team score of 22: Jo Solie, Pat Rouse, Joann Brown, Pat Heidmann; 2nd place with a team score of 24: Sherry Digel, Ramona Thaete, Jan Sykes, Arlene Fletcher

On February 23, Joann Brown hit the infamous tree on No. 6, but the team rallied with a long putt from the edge of the green, giving them a 2 on that hole.

We are all working on our “hole-in-one” shots, as they are worth $5.

The closing luncheon will be on Thursday, March 23, at the Sun Lakes Country Club after golfing.