Ladies Travel Team ends season

Cheryl Reed

The Travel Team ladies wrapped up another fun-filled season in January. Travel Team is a match play competition between Sun Lakes CC, Ironwood, Palo Verde and SunBird. These tournaments have been played for over 20 years and once included golf clubs in Mesa. The top golfers in these clubs compete and have an overall winner at end of season. Winner this year was Palo Verde. Congrats to them.

The following is a love letter to all the fantastic golfers I have had the privilege to golf with on the Travel Team over the last 10 years, Nicole, KB, Kim, Moe and Brenda (the best golfer I have had the honor to pair with), just to name a few. Thank you, Marci. Thanks to ALL the Travel Team women who have put up with my cussin’, cryin’ and shoutin’. It has been a blast! I will miss you all as I continue my life the next two years in Houston. Hit ‘em long and straight… Thanks for the memories.