Lady Niners Update

Irene Anderson and Sue Parmenter

Sheila Barton

Golf may be a seasonal sport in some areas, but not in Arizona. The northern part of the United States has a season from April to October, and in some rare cases of weather, can have play in March or November. When you are talking about the southern states in the USA, such as Texas, Arizona, and Florida, the golf season is basically year-round in mild years, and most of us are glad about that.

Speaking of the northern states, Irene Anderson, who has been president of the Sun Lakes Lady Niners for the past 18 months, has chosen to return to her home state on March 29 to be with her family. Sue Parmenter, our current vice president, will assume the responsibility of the president until December 2022.

Our first league play date was Feb. 1, and the game was Low Putts. Fran Kleinsteuber won in Flight 1, Beverly Jur won in Flight 2, and Cheryl Kern won in Flight 3.

On Feb. 8 the game was Blind Partners, and the winners were Beverly Jur and Linda Stimart, with Joann Brown and Fran Kleinsteuber coming in second and Irene Anderson and Dottie Wodraska coming in third.

On Feb. 15 the game was Low Net, and Susan Geis won in Flight 1, Liz Tollefsen in Flight 2, and Mary Bohren in Flight 3.

Feb. 22 was our Home on Home with SunBird, a four-person scramble, and 19 of the Sun Lakes Lady Niners went to SunBird to play. The theme was Neighboring Chicks with Big Sticks. They served a delightful lunch, and a good time was had by all.

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners are always looking for new members. Please contact Sue Parmenter at 402-630-2112 if you would like to join or to talk about joining. The new membership form is available in the Sun Lakes Pro Shop. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners provide a very supportive and welcoming environment. Please consider coming out and hitting a ball and having a ball with them.