Life changing RX for you

Sue Schwartz

“What if you could take a pill that would do all of the following: both treat and prevent obesity, prevent cardiovascular disease, improve mobility, improve mood, provide stress relief, improve the overall quality of life, prevent diabetes, improve healthy longevity, prevent dementia, and even prevent sudden cardiac death? Wouldn’t you take it? Well, that magic pill is called exercise, and getting moderate exercise on a regular basis works all of the above wonders and more.” Yasmine Ali, M.D.

The Walk with a Doc experience has been designed to empower our members to reposition themselves at the center of their own lives by tending to their bodies, their minds, and their spirits.

Here, a walk is as much a rigorous morning exercise as it is a chance to reflect on the day ahead, and a meal is the means by which we learn to satisfy, rather than simply feed our hunger.

Join Sun Lakes’ exciting partnership with the Walk with a Doc organization. All our walks are FREE with an optional Dutch treat yummy breakfast on the PV Patio.

Visit our table in the NWC Saguaro Room on Community Day, October 12. Pick up our walk schedule and a few items to keep you safe (while supplies last).

Our first fall walk is Saturday, November 9, 2019, at the tennis pavilion at Palo Verde. There is no cost to participate.

Registration is at 8:30 a.m., Wellness Walk 9 a.m. (approximately one hour).

Walk at your own pace, help available for over achievers, optional Dutch treat breakfast immediately following walk.

Walk with a Doc is proud to partner with CWPV HOA#2, Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation, Dignity Healthcare, and Walk with a Doc Corporate.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Share the health, bring a friend. Happy Walking with a Doc begins November 9. CU at the PV tennis pavilion.