Line Dancing with Judee

What a way to start off the New Year. After 16 years of teaching line dancing, January 4 was the largest class ever. Even after I left off my phone number in the December papers. With good helpers we were able to start on time which is noon for the Ultra Basics Class in the SunBird Ballroom for $2.

Because of the huge response I now have to watch my numbers as dictated by my ASCAP license. If you are interested in registering please give me a call after 10:00 a.m. at 480-802-0201. I will know if I can take you now or in September. SunBird residents have priority on openings; next is any Sun Lakes resident. If it weren’t for Sun Lakes back in the early ‘90s, there probably wouldn’t be any line dancing in SunBird. All current outside registered dancers in my class are grandfathered in. Any registrations of this nature depends totally upon my numbers. I will make fair decisions to everyone when registering new dancers all based upon numbers.

The dances taught in my class are chosen by me from thousands of dances. I choose many easy dances with patterns that show up in different dances done to all different tempos: cha cha, swing, rhumbas, night club, sambas, mambos, waltzes and I teach you what to do with your feet. Based upon completing UB dances without struggling, dancers move into the Basics Class with more difficult patterns and syncopated counts. I have a loyal group of dancers who learn more difficult dances and are selected for this class based upon experience, pace of learning a new dance with harder patterns and syncopated count.

We do not do Electric Slide, Elvira, Cupid Shuffle as seen danced at area dances. If you want to learn these dances, get a group of 10 or more, floor space at a clubhouse, call me and I will do another workshop on these dances as I have in the past for $5 pp. Otherwise, here is Electric Slide: (1) three count vine right: side, behind, side, touch L. (2) three count vine left: side, behind, side, touch R. (3) back, back, back, touch L. (4) Step L, tap R, back R, touch L, 1/4 left L, touch R = six counts. It’s an 18 count dance. Elvira is a 16 count dance which is the same footwork except it has a four count ending: rock, recover, 1/4 left L, touch R.

The dancers in the picture had a great time at our Line Dance in December. Our dance in March might mean we need a bigger camera? Thank you for choosing to dance with Judee. We have fun dancing, can escape this crazy world and we’ll have a Happy 2016!