Line Dancing with Janet Wallace

Linda Heavin

Come and learn from “The Best,” says K. Janet Wallace has been teaching line dancing in Sun Lakes and the Valley for years. She has style and rhythm and teaches steps and dances that you can use. “Janet’s expertise at being a line dance teacher exceeds others with her overall precision of each and every dance,” says B. “I can definitely say she is the best, nicest person and great teacher,” says V. “Janet is extremely patient, fun, and great at what she does,” says S. “She strikes the best balance between good, solid teaching and light, lively attitude,” says N.

Janet travels extensively for line dancing (she most recently danced on the Great Wall of China!). Her travels take her to workshops and classes taught by premiere choreographers. She then brings back the dances and shares them with her dancers. She has also hosted many top choreographers here in the Valley: Jo Thompson, Darren Bailey, Niels Poulsen, Michele Burton, Fred Whitehouse, John Robinson, and many more.

Janet’s classes are held on Mondays in the Dance Studio at the Cottonwood Country Club beginning at 11 a.m. A recent new beginner class included teaching dance steps, and then learning five basic beginner dances (“Good Morning” by Jo Thompson, “Old Bones,” “Better When I’m Dancing,” “Charleston Cowboy,” and “Rocket to the Sun” by Madison Glover). That’s right, line dancing isn’t only country! Beginner dances included “I close My Eyes” and “Until the Dawn” by Gary Lafferty. A high beginner dance “Amarillo By Morning” by Ira Weisburg and an Improver dance “Senorita La La La” by Julia Wetzel were also taught. Lastly, Janet taught the hugely-popular intermediate dance “Good as You” by Michele Burton and Michael Barr. Mark your calendars: January classes will be held on the 6th, 20th, and 27th. There will be no class on the 13th.

Upcoming events that Janet is sponsoring include her annual Desert Dance Workshop from Jan. 10 through Jan. 12. Dance and learn from Darren Bailey, Amy Glass Bailey, Niels Poulsen, Scott Blevins, Jonno Liberman, and DJ Extraordinaire Bracken Ellis. For further details, contact Janet at [email protected] or Linda Heavin at [email protected] At the end of February, Julia Wetzel will be conducting a workshop. Details of this will be published for the February issue of the Sun Lakes Splash.