Line Dancing with Judee

When dealing with the fact that half of the dancers who come to classes each week are “gone ‘til fall and next January,” it’s easier when you know they are “coming back.” Some dancers have been “coming back” for the past three years and more. This fact validates that I’m teaching in a way that dancers are learning, meeting really nice people, dancing really neat dances to great music and having fun! It’s reassuring to receive comments, i.e., “Your class is the highlight of my week.” “We’ve really learned in your classes.” “You are doing something good for people besides teaching them line dancing.” “We/I love the way you teach.” “We/I will be coming back.” “We/I will miss you and the other dancers.”

If you would like to register for the Ultra Basic Class in September, you need to know that I really teach in my classes and “following is discouraged.” I also teach and give tips, i.e., Safe Dancing, Line Dance etiquette, drink lots of water, drink tonic water if you get cramps, teach alternative moves to prevent possible “body ailments,” good places to eat, good discounts, etc. Plus, monthly, I teach a Free Steps and Patterns Class.

Add your name to the list of those who are “New Dancers and Those Coming Back” by calling after 10:00 a.m. to register for the September 4th (yes, Labor Day) Ultra Basic Class. Line Dancing is exercise done to great music that you will recognize and love. Line Dancing is especially good for the mind. Line Dancers do not need a partner; however, there are men on the current list and those coming back.

We will miss the dancers who’ve left for a while, but the months will pass at a fast rate. We dance through June, and as we all know, “Time Flies While You Are Having Fun (Line Dancing).” God Bless Line Dancing!