Line Dancing with Judee

Timing is everything. Cracking a couple of ribs, luckily, was towards the end of our “dancing season,” so we missed only a few classes. Renovating SunBird’s kitchen this summer and into the beginning of our “dancing season” affects location and days. We will be dancing in the SunBird Navajo Room starting Saturdays, September 2 through October 7. On Monday, October 9, we will be back in the SunBird Ballroom through June. I was always amazed how “changes” would affect my grandmother. Now I know I’m her granddaughter, because I’m having a hard time with all these changes. I will also, like my grandmother, adjust to all these changes, I only hope as well as my grandmother!

The time for Saturdays, September 2 through October 7, for Ultra Basics will be at noon in SunBird’s Navajo Room. Monday, October 9, and thereafter through June, we will be back in the SunBird Ballroom at 11:30 a.m. Basics will be one hour later, and Beyond Basics will be the last hour for both locations. The charge for classes is $2 for the time you dance.

Now is the time to register if you are new in order to save you a spot in Ultra Basics for our next “dancing season.” Register now, even if you can’t attend until October. Call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. Line Dancing gives you good exercise for your body. We’ve found it’s even better for our minds, plus the fact that you will be dancing with the nicest people while learning and having fun! God Bless Line Dancing!