Line Dancing with Judee


Judee Curtis

Why the “trivia info” on Elvira/Electric Slide, because I usually don’t teach these dances in my classes? Because it’s usually a surprise to people when asked the choreographer of a dance, because there can be many for one song or dances that have the same name. To know the one who created the dance defines what dance you know. My choices of dances to teach have a variety of footwork and patterns. They are consistently taught with consistent words, then cued, i.e., K Step, Jazz Box in Place, Jazz Box 1/4, Coaster Step, Sailor Step, Sailor 1/4, Forward Mambo, Back rock/Recover, Twinkle, Scissor, etc. Repeating the footwork and patterns in different dances gives a dancer a good foundation in Ultra Basics, so they can eventually move into the Basic Class with dances that have more syncopation and “broken” patterns.

It’s fun to have dancers choose music for a dance. I play different songs, we dance the dance, they choose their favorite. Contrary to what many people think, we don’t dance only to Western songs. Artists we’ve used and will use are Roger Whittaker, Barry White, Niamh Lynn, Camilia Cabello, Donny Osmond, Kelly Clarkson, Nat King Cole. Yes, I choose country artists but usually the old classics because there are no breaks in the music. Good standards by George Strait, Alan Jackson, Josh Turner, Cody Johnson, a new star at Country Thunder, Jack Savoretti. These names are a few among many!

If you would like to register for the Ultra Basic Class held on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. starting September 3, Labor Day, in the SunBird Ballroom for $2, you need to call 480-802-0201 after 10:00 a.m. before the end of August. If this date is missed, you may register until the end of September. Registrations after this will be for January, 2019. You will be joining some of the nicest people, exercising your body while learning, dancing, having fun and exercising your mind because in order to “learn,” you have to “think.” Escape with us from this crazy world. God Bless Line Dancing!