Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

Planning for current dancers, coming-back dancers in 2020, and dealing with life certainly makes the time go faster! Turning the monthly calendar pages seems like a “week”! Well, maybe two!

If you are new and would like to join the Ultra Basic Class in the SunBird Ballroom, you need to register now for classes starting Jan. 6 for $2. This class is on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. for an hour. You need to commit to three months of classes because it’s best to “get a meal vs. just an appetizer.” The deadline for new dancers is Jan. 11, 2020. If you do not make this deadline, you may register for classes restarting in September, 2020.

Line Dancing is an individual activity; however, couples are welcome. My method of teaching is audio with demos and explanations. You need to be able to hear, move fairly easily, and be willing to learn and listen to directions. “Following” is definitely discouraged. Line dancing exercises your body, but mostly your mind. It’s also a chance to meet really nice people and have fun dancing to great music you will recognize.

To register, you need to call 480-802-0201 after 10 a.m. and leave a message, i.e., “I would like to register for line dancing.” Include your name and your phone number as I block phone calls that don’t leave messages. Why not make that call today? God bless line dancing!