Line Dancing with Judee

Judee Curtis

We had a great time at our Sunday, March 1, 2020, Line Dance for all three levels. Not everyone got to come because of life’s hiccups, such as going out of town and company, and they were missed!

It’s hard to fit in talking and getting to know each other. However, every once in a while, health is a topic. It’s amazing when we find out several people have had the same experience(s) as another dancer or more. I thought it would be interesting to see just how many experiences the dancers have had in different categories. There could be more, as some don’t discuss their health. There are 10 knee replacements (two of those a double), two major surgeries, four bad backs, two others had surgery, one donated a kidney, one cancer-related, four injuries (i.e., arms, pelvis, ribs, feet),  many with chronic discomforts (i.e., all forms of arthritis, hearing loss, allergies, high and low blood pressure, and migraines), and one dancer who had a stroke at age 23 and dances in our top level. This dancer has said, “With all my activities, I know that line dancing is the best for my mind.”

Line dances are taught by sets of eight counts and broken down in patterns and/or steps, reviewed, demonstrated, and danced. Then another eight is taught, go back to the top and add on each set. I match the tempo of the song with words and call out the “footwork” which is called a “walkthrough.” We then dance without music, and you can hear the “footwork” on the floor all in sync. When it sounds “in sync,” we are all rewarded by dancing to music. No one learns by following or who is not willing to be taught and learn. Practicing and regular attendance help also.

This method of teaching makes a dancer think in order. I’ve had dancers tell me this has helped them remember “where are my car keys”, “grocery items needed,” etc. The best thing I hear is they have fun dancing, have met really nice people, and can escape for a time while health issues and happenings in this world interfere, plus keeping the body moving. We all agree that remembering the dances is the greatest benefit for our minds. God bless line dancing!

If you would like to register for the Ultra Basic class on Mondays in the SunBird Ballroom starting Monday, Sept. 7, at 11:30 a.m. for $2, you can call 480-802-0201 after 10 a.m. Be sure to leave a message, “Line Dancing, your name, and your phone number,” and I will call you back. I block numbers that don’t leave a message. Come escape with us from this crazy world!