Local Women’s Service Group, Soroptimist, now meeting at Stone and Vine

Have you ever heard of Soroptimist? We are women helping women. Soroptimist means Best for Women. Are you a former Soroptimist? Interested in learning more about Soroptimist? Want to join Soroptimist?

Soroptimist is a woman’s community service group which focuses on improving and empowering the lives of women and girls in the local community. Soroptimist International of the San Tans has been serving the East Valley for over 30 years, raising funds and doing hands-on projects for women and girls. We will be meeting weekly at our local restaurant, Stone and Vine, beginning in September on Thursdays at noon.

If you would like to join a friendly group of women working in the local community, working to empower and educate women and to prevent human trafficking, end domestic violence, improve the health and economic welfare of women please contact us.

We’re international. Soroptimist is an international organization of over 80,000 women in over 120 countries. Soroptimist International gives over $1.5 million annually to support women and children.

We’re local. Locally we have raised over $200,000 to support programs for women and children in addition to many hands-on projects.

Soroptimist International of the San Tans; please visit our website at http://www.si-santans.org/. Address mail to Soroptimist International of the San Tans, P.O. Box 1213, Chandler, AZ 85244; email [email protected]; or call Alexis at 602-509-4097.

Soroptimist International of the San Tans is an all volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.