Long Summer League for Men has three winners

Penny Petersen

The Cottonwood Men’s Summer League, which starts in April and ends in October, has three Champions, one in each division. They are Brad Copeland in the Red Division, Ron Ryer in the Green Division, and John Arhangelsky in the Blue Division.

The league, run by Spencer Roberts, works only because every guy doesn’t have to be there every week in the summer. Just short of 50 players participated, an average of 16 to 24 each week. Because they’re not required to be there all the time, players can take a cruise, visit family, go to the cool country up north, or just be lazy for a day.

“It can get to 90 degrees out there at 8:30 a.m.,” said Roberts, “But it’s better than staying inside every day. We still have some good competition, and everyone makes sure they hydrate a lot and take long pauses between games.” He thanks Dave Cain, the computer guru who makes the complicated scoring easy to understand.

At the end of the last session, the guys have a party and celebrate getting through the summer heat.

If you are interested in information about joining Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Barb Jorgensen at [email protected]