Look for SLFD’s Medical Flash Drive at all community open houses

Brian Curry

With over 1,500 of them sold since last fall’s Sun Lakes Community Open Houses, the medical flash drive initiative sponsored by the Fire Department and administrated by the volunteer Community Assistance Program (CAP) has been an unqualified success.

This year SLFD’s CAP program will be back in force manning informational booths at all the open houses plus the Neighbors who Care welcome back event.

“This is where we kicked it off last year, so it’s a way to measure how much the Sun Lakes area has taken to this wonderful program” said Nancy Roberts, a CAP member who is on the flash drive committee.

The flash drive which comes with two forms mirrors exactly the medical information that paramedics of the SLFD will be asking you and entering into their electronic patient care reports (E-PCR).

The flash drive clearly identified as being for the SLFD when plugged into their E-PCR transfers the info within seconds. The first page contains medical info such as past history, medications, allergies and doctors. The second page lists your contacts in the event of an emergency. In a time when seconds count, this is invaluable.

“Throughout the coming months our committee will be explaining and selling the flash drive at various clubs and meetings within the Sun Lakes community as well as hosting open assistance days to help residents who are either unable or encountering problems loading their information” said Betty Earp who also serves on the committee.

Roberts also emphasized that for those who purchased the flash drives last year around this time they should review their information and update changes, for example, in their doctors or medication. “Even if there have been no medical informational changes, they should update the date, so EMS personnel know they are dealing with current information” Roberts said.

If you would like more information or wish to schedule a presentation on the SLFD CAP flash drive program call the Fire Department at 480-895-9343 or e-mail them at [email protected]

Flash drives can also be purchased during normal business hours Monday through Thursday at SLFD’s Station Two on Alma School Road.