I love the Reiki Circle

Lois Valleau

It’s February, and it is love month. Let me tell you about all the love that abounds at the Reiki Circle.

As you enter, someone will invite you to hug. We try to be high on the hug-meter. The scale is four hugs a day to survive, eight hugs for maintenance and 12 hugs daily to thrive. I get enough hugs at the Reiki Circle to last me all week.

Everyone shares in setting up the room with chairs in circle and pillows ready for Reiki. There may be a little talk about Reiki, questions and announcements and then someone leads a relaxing meditation. Names are offered in the center of the circle to receive the Reiki energy. All this prepares us for hands-on Reiki.

At the circle, they emphasize that everyone is welcome whether Reiki trained or not. There is value in receiving the energy and at the circle they say that if you have love in your heart, allow it to flow through your hands to another.

Depending on the number of people, each person receives 15 or 20 minutes of Reiki from two or three others. People gather around a Reiki table as one person lies fully clothed to receive the energy. Setting an intention is emphasized so that everyone can focus of the desire of the person receiving. Then they change places until everyone receives.

I love being on the table and receiving this energy. It assists me in relaxing and that releases any stress I may be carrying. One of its primary traits is that it balances the body. It is also good in relieving pain. Since it works holistically, it also supports healing emotionally and mentally as well as physically.