I love walking with friends!

Friends bring us laughter, support and fun — they’re among life’s greatest gifts. Not to be overlooked, they can also be a boon to your walking routine. Walking with a friend can actually change the way you look at this beneficial aerobic activity.

Walking with a friend is, in a sense, no different than keeping another social commitment, like meeting someone for lunch. You show up because you don’t want to let them down. You focus more on the quality conversation and bonding time, rather than what you’re doing or where you are. These can be powerful benefits if you’re someone who tends to skirt exercising, or who hasn’t yet found joy when breaking a sweat. Research has even shown that those who work out together may be able to maintain a harder effort without realizing it.

Meet new friends, bring a friend. All abilities welcome. Canes, walkers, etc. We meet in the Palo Verde lounge. For those who want to avoid the sun we have the Clubhouse and newly-shaded patio.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00-9:00 a.m. – Free

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Field Trip – Movin’ and Groovin’ on Interpretative Trail on Saturday, April 2 at 7:30 a.m.; 2.5 mile interpretive trail; Difficulty: Beginner – Free

For more information email [email protected] or call Sue at 480-529-8088.